I decided to give my blog another upgrade

A modern, secure and static blog that works perfectly without JavaScript.

Based on the evolution of web design and the responses I received on my portfolio, I decided to give my blog a new look. Besides that, I completely removed the back-end. The new site consists of static HTML files generated by Hexo (link).

Something fun to notice is that no JavaScript is being used. I didn’t want any JavaScript on my site since most of the browser exploits are based on JavaScript engine bugs. Besides that, allowing JavaScript could also introduce cross-site-scripting bugs. From now on the CSP header is similar to the one below.

Content-Security-Policy: default-src ‘none’; style-src ‘self’; img-src ‘self’;

I created a lightbox (that you can try out by clicking on the images below) that consists of pure CSS. The code syntax highlighting on certain pages is performed on compilation of the markdown files, so no JavaScript is required there either.

Things I’ve used:

  • My ability to form new images in my mind, also called “Imagination”.
  • Bootstrap (link) for easiness and responsiveness.
  • Grunt (link) for easiness and performance.
  • Hexo (link) for security and performance.
  • Unsplash (link) for fancy backgrounds.
Design in 2014
Design in 2015
Design from now on